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Apple iPhone 9: Best New Features

The World of smart phones! If we compare mobile phones what are the first brand name that came in your mind? Definitely Apple of Samsung, one of the biggest and the most powerful brand not only have big no of users but also huge in stock markets. Today we will going to discuss about of the rumors and expectation of iPhone 9 as we are in the middle of the year and expecting Apple to launch the new iPhone 9 soon, whatever we know and head about the new release of Apple iPhone 9 today we will discuss with the latest rumors, leaks, news and the expected release date as well.

If you just google search for the rumors of iPhone 9 or the latest iPhone you will find many articles, YouTube videos, news and reviews, even there are many you-tubers who customize the dummy of iPhone some shows the software by creating the animation and it cost them a lot of money and time but still they are happy to do so, why? It’s because there are so huge amount of Apple Fans and they surf for the latest new, there I more curiosity that when is Apple launching its new phone, what will be the new features, what will be the design, camera and much more. I myself being an Apple iPhone fan is also too curios about knows what’s coming next.

Apple iphone 9

According to many analytical reposts and opinions there is Good news! For all the Apple fans as there might be two phones launching this time a bigger version of iPhone X as it will be called following the previous iPhone X Plus and the iPhone 9, there is a big debate going on social media that will it really be called iPhone 9 or the iPhone XI. But many are saying it will be known as iPhone 9 and we also personally think the same. Before moving any further and talk about the expectation of new features we must give you a tip that if you are having old mobile phone or the older version of iPhone itself you must sale it as the confirm date is announced for the new iPhone it give you the best rates, you can now use online compare mobile phones website so you can get the best rates available on different websites at one place.

It is very clear that the new iPhone devices will be containing the Apple A12 chip, as the Apple old mobile phones contains Apple A11 Bionic or later. As this A12 will increase the performance battery and many other improvements in iPhone 9. Just of a review we must tell you that the latest iPhone A11 Bionic chip was ranked as the most sufficient and powerful chip iPhone ever created it was 25% faster than the last A10 chip and its cores are 70% sharper than the A10. Yes! The expectations are too high for the upcoming A12 chip.

Will it having the AirPods or the wired Headphones? As when Apple has launched the iPhone X it was having the wireless AirPods and the fans were too happy regards that new additions but when the prices were revealed it was way higher than you can think. If we compare mobile phones with iPhones let’s suppose the iPhone X price £900 and the Samsung Galaxy S9  £500 there is a clear £400 difference and it is said to be that one of the reason is addition of the wireless AirPods costing £160. If Apple again goes with the same wireless AirPods there is almost guarantee that the prices of the upcoming iPhone 9 will be higher.

Apple iPhone never upsets their fans regards cameras, and this time it is said to be that iPhone 9 will be having triple-lenses rear facing camera. It will enhance the iPhones zoom capacity for the rear camera and picture quality in low light. There might be a zoom lens layered add in the front-camera for the sharper picture, maybe iPhone wanted to break the vibes of oppo saying it is having the best camera and picture quality for the front-camera.

There are a lot of criticisms on Apple as their phones take a lot of time to charge if we compare mobile phones like Samsung, LG, Hawaii and etc. No drought it is a heavy processor and will definitely needs some time but for the user they want Apple to solve this problem of slow charging. Now this time apple will be giving an 18-watt USB-C charger in the box. It will not only charge fast but it is said that it will also be cheaper in prizing, no wonder what will be the price but definitely lesser than the last 29-watt charger that cost around £45.

iphone infographic

When the iPhone 8 was launch the fans were expecting curve edges as the Samsung galaxy s8 edge use to have but it came out totally different with larger screen and no home button. Definitely we can expect that now on iPhone 9 it will be an edge-to-edge concept with OLED that will not only increase the standards but also increase the stocks for Apple surely.
However there are reports from some journalist that Apple is purchasing large number of LCDs display from Japan and might not be edge-to-edge concept again.

Now as we move towards the conclusion the Apple have its long track record on when it launches the new phones, from our side we personally think that Apple with will be Launching iPhone 9 middle of the September and selling the phones worldwide till end of December.
If we
compare mobile phones of different brands iPhone are always the most expensive ones, as the latest iPhone 8 was more expensive than OnePlus, Samsung galaxy, Huawei and much more. One of a Chinese reporter has reported that the upcoming iPhone 9 will be costing around £600 to £700 so all the Apple fans brace themselves as it will be a hit on their violets.