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Where to Buy Best Quality Fiber Optic Connectors

Nowadays using fiber optic connectors is highly in demand due to its capability of operating at amazing speed. The fact that it could use for  multiple types of purposes and infrastructures from businesses, university campuses, an office building, industrial plants and electricity utility companies. As it has been increasing throughout the years this has lead to the rates of communications having a more precise signal and exact connections.

Getting into an in-depth understanding on fiber optic connectors and aim at providing a guideline on choosing the right fiber optic cable and where you can find its quality in affordable price.

What are Fiber Optic Connectors?

Fiber Optic Connectors dismiss the end of an optical fiber, and allows quicker connection and disconnection than joining together. The connectors automatically join and align the cores of fibers so light can pass. Better connectors lose very little light due to reflection or misalignment of the fibers. It has to be aligned properly to the microscopic glass fibers completely in order to provide for communication to achieve accurate and exact connections.

Within the fiber optics are very thin strands of glass or plastic fiber, signals get sent through these strands in which they are known as light. This light is guided towards the center called the core, the cladding does the job of keeping the light inside by trapping the light within the core to keep it on track, this technique is called “total internal reflection”.

These connector types of the patch cable must match the patch panels and equipment so that the patch cable can function well. Various types of connectors can be used for fiber optic patch cords, listed below would be four different commonly used and prefered fiber optic connectors.

LC Fiber Optic Connector

LC connector is a small form factor plastic push/pull connector with a 1.25mm ferrule. LC was first developed by Lucent. They have a locking tab a that secures the connector with a plastic housing. The LC connectors are fairly similar to the SC connectors and are commonly refer to it as a mini SC. 

SC Fiber Optic Connector

The SC connectors are known as Subscriber Connectors, they are plastic and are a push-pull connectors that have a 2.5mm ferrule. These connectors require the least space in a patch panel, they are very low in cost, simple and durable to use. 

FC Fiber Optic Connector 

FC is short for Ferrule Connector it is a connector that has metal screw on connector with a 2.5mm ferrule. They are generally used at interfaces that test equipments, this is due to the fact that they are very rugged and can hand the environment. Having a metal housing, threaded receptacle and locatable notch, the connectors are usually nickel plated. 

ST Fiber Optic Connector

The ST connector is referred as Straight Tip, being a metal bayonet connector that has a 2.5mm ferrule. Inserted and removed easily and quickly causing no problems to do so. Like the FC connectors, ST connectors are nickel plated as well. 

Why are Fiber Optic Connectors good?

Fiber optic has become the fastest type of broadband technology that can be found on the market today, many businesses today are looking for a way to to advance their systems performances, which results in the popular demand of fiber optics to be used. The fiber optic cables and connectors enhance systems and transmit data at a rapid rate, the use of a single mode fiber provides a higher and faster transmission rate in comparison to the multimode fibers used.

What are the difference between Single Mode Fiber and Multimode Fiber

Single Mode fiber optic cable has a small diametric core that allows only one mode of light to circulate, this causes the number of reflected light that is created that passes and proceeds towards the core eventually decreases. To prevent this from occurring it is done by lowering the reduction and creates the ability of signal travel, making it get further than it usually would this commonly used in universities and big companies that require to long distance transmission.

Multimode fiber optic cable has a large diametric core that allows multiple modes of light to propagate, resulting in the light reflections that are created to be sent increases as it passes through the core, this way more data is able to pass through. Because of the high distribution and reduction rate with this type of fiber, the quality of the signal is reduced over long distances. This application is typically used for short distance, data and audio/video applications in LANs.

Indoor Cables or Outdoor Fiber Optic Connector


The major difference between indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable is water blocking, it is important to keep the cables and connectors free from any moisture entering inside.

Outdoor cables are designed to protect the fibers from years of exposure to moisture and it applies more protection from water entering, vermin and other conditions encountered underground.

Indoor cables are tightly buffered cables, this means that the glass fibers within the cables has a primary coating and secondary buffer coating. This makes the fibers enlarger to around 900 microns (meaning 1mm). The most commonly used indoor fiber cabling would be the distribution cable.

Other Fiber Optic Connectors

Below are the lists that uses for Buy Fiber Optic Connectors and it will take time to select the right one that can deliver important benefits, which will save your time and cost. Fiber store provides and stocks many different types of fiber optic connectors, we would highly recommend for you to visit CableTech M.E.A. located in Dubai, UAE and that can satisfy all your needs! However, always remember to select the right one. 

Where can you find Fiber Optic Connectors?

When choosing the fiber optic connectors/cable, please always remember the features mentioned in this article. Only make clear all these aspects can you select the fiber optic cable that most suits your applications. If you are still confused about which one to choose, you can visit Cable Tech Middle East & Africa LLC that provides distribution and installation solution with added value by offering innovative solutions as well design support or you may send an inquiry to this email at [email protected] to seek help as lots of professional advice can be given by our team.