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Will Android Phones Would Get Slow As iPhone Do?

Every year there are millions of people does phone recycle as the launching of new phones has increased from many different companies which attracts people to the new features, new camera, new systems, new design plus cheap mobile phones except some companies that are still selling on high rates. Sometime ago there were news and the hype everywhere on iPhone slowing their devices, It was revealed by the sources in 2017 that Apple is intentionally slowing down its older phones and not just iPhones the other devices off Apple which includes slow performance as their batteries have been altered. After this news came out the people freaked out and was very mad on Apple and their policy which came into play by people going for lawsuits, asking explanations and much more lately Apple apologies on that and a huge amount of penalty was also paid.

android vs apple

After this controversy the question many iPhone fans or the hackers started researching on android phones manufacturing companies also does that?

Till to the answer is still no as no one has found out any misguided or slower devices as it gets old. Investigating on Android slower devices is also very hard as it has hundreds of manufacturers and every manufacturer is having its own backend design, chips and software used, also it have some cheap mobile phones and expensive ones which makes it too common to understand. But till today with what every amount of test and investigation is done android never slows down its older mobile phones as Apple did in the past.

When the Apple slow phones case was exposed then all the rivalry companies came out saying that don’t slow their customers phones as it gets old in which the leading one were Samsung, LG, Motorola, but many people haven’t digested it so they started checking by themselves, checking this very simple as the same way Apple slow iPhone was exposed by the same set of data: Just by checking the benchmark score of the older android devices to see if they came compete well in score with the new ones, although the results were not significant as there is a problem with Samsung as its memory starting to getting high its started lagging but the results were way more better than the iPhones.

android vs apple infographic

One of the top phone recycle company published their testing reports, as they said they were really focused on Android as they have the huge number of manufacturers that provide large no of devices as they tested on a litmus test! This company said they tested both iPhone and Android phones there was a huge evidence of iPhones getting slower than rather than android phones in the end they said a very interesting phrase that they haven’t found this iPhone battery slow or lagging problem on all the devices it was just the quite old ones.

Then we had a large amount off surveys and interacting with people on the news they heard regards iPhone the iPhone slow down and also asked why don’t they think this issue is encountered by Android as it have ecosystem? Our First impression was all the iPhone lovers were a bit low and angry as what their company has done with them and on the other side android phone people were very happy. Here is we try to compress all the comments by the people and our suggestions on will android phones would get slow as iPhone does? In points

Everyone wants big battery with larger life as the usage of phone has been high and every person now want its phones battery to give more time support, if you look at the batteries on android phones what is compared with iPhone for example Samsung galaxy or Google Pixel they tend to have large battery with more liquid electrons in it.
Like if we compare iPhone’s battery of 1,821 mAh with Google Pixel’s 2bateery of 2,700 mAh this shows the huge amount of difference.

The other main issue with the older iPhones was as the amount of operating system is increasing like IOS 10, IOS 11 and so than that’s how the applications standard increased if you are playing games they are now in 4k display with the power sound, high multi functions which now requires more battery power and the old phones have older battery which gets hard for it to maintain and give the best mileage to the user. Which means old battery cannot take the pressure of new Applications.
But the battery size in Android is one large, but it’s not over yet. As the science geeks have told that the battery used by the Apple iPhone is very intelligently design rather than Androids. As we have mention above iPhone have 1,821 mAh batteries while Google pixel 2 is having 2,700 mAh which is obviously looks higher on paper but in fact the new iPhones battery is much greater than this, as it has an end-to-end strategy this really composes with iPhone’s hardware, software and Mac.

If you are a fan or not a fan of Apple but there is one thing to admit that the legacy of Steve Jobs is still there as it is the King of single-core performance, they have fit everything in smaller packages by altering the geometry and alignments. We can still beat on that iPhones won’t get slow if Apple hasn’t done it by them as the designs are very powerful they squeeze anything to its last point and that is where the devices are slimmer and sharper. But if you recycle mobile specially android with any 2nd person and its memory is still there so it will never disturb its value on battery.

As we now come to the conclusion, but we strongly believe that Android phones won’t get slow as the iPhone does, there is also a very strong case also as there are hundreds of Android manufacturers and some might be really tiny competing the industry. Still every other mobile phone company now knows that by doing this you might get a millions of pound penalty plus loss the customers trust.