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Compare A Price is one of the leading online Price Comparison Websites in the UK comparing prices on over a million products sold by hundreds of retailers in the UK. Compare A Price compares prices of Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Watches, Game Consoles, TVs, Fridges and many other electronic items. Apart from electronic items, Compare A Price also compares prices of products of over a dozen categories.

Compare A Price is affiliated with retail companies in the UK giving you access to millions of deals at once. We try our best to bring you the best deals online when it comes to online shopping in UK. At Compare A Price, we pride ourselves on being the best in what we do which is why our state of the art intelligence system only shows you the best prices.

We come free of cost and do not charge any fees for using our comparison website. Compare A Price is not a direct retailer or seller of any goods that are being displayed on our website, instead we redirect you to the merchant's website to make the final purchase. However, we do offer a number of deals and offers from our trusted partners directly on our website. You can sign up for our newsletter to get these exclusive deals and offers directly in your mailbox.

Our one and only aim & goal is to save your money whenever you buy online or whenever you are upgrading. We have worked smartly to build such a website and system that you pay the right price for whatever you are willing to buy. We collect prices from the sellers and merchants and display the lowest prices first so that you can easily compare and calculate how much you are saving on your purchase this time. This way, we can build your trust in Compare A Price and you can always count on us whenever you want to make your next purchase.

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